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We have a unique ability to raise capital from traditional institutional investors as well as our global network of family offices and capabilities of individuals.


With a unique ability to raise capital from traditional investors as well as our global network of family offices and wealthy individuals, we minimize the transaction risk to ensure a successful transaction for our clients. Our experienced employees make our clients feel comfortable in all types of ECM and DCM processes.
  • IPO / listings

  • List change

  • Emissions target

  • Rights issues

  • Private Placements

  • Blocktrades

  • Bond issues

Our corporate finance team has extensive experience, comprehensive knowledge and a strong track record, which increases the understanding of our clients' needs. With deep sector and transaction expertise, we aim to create long-term value for our clients. We offer services in the following areas: Strategic Advice, Equity Capital Markets (ECM), Debt Capital Market (DCM) and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).

Strategic advice and M&A

We have the ability and experience required to manage the dynamics of all parts of the transaction process to achieve optimal results for our clients. In sales assignments, our experienced M&A team identifies value-creating factors as well as any conditions that must be resolved to increase the company's attractiveness. The project team further identifies potential buyers and conducts a review of strategic matching, timing and financial opportunities. Based on an optimal transaction structure, the team designs a suitable sales process.

  • Company sales and spin-offs

  • Mergers

  • Company acquisitions

  • Public Bidding, LBO, MBO

  • Strategic advice to owners and the board in connection with a potential transaction

  • Financial and strategic advice in connection with public acquisitions

  •  Financial and strategic advice in connection with private divestiture processes (privately negotiated transactions, structured auctions)

  • Restructurings and reconstructions

  • Fairness opinions and valuation advice

  • Tax efficiency

Berg & partners

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